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Thai Deodorant Stone Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist Description

  • World’s Best 100% Natural Deodorant
  • Aerosol Free

Thai was created on the belief that people deserve a better deodorant which works with your body. Unlike antiperspirants which harmfully clog your pores with questionable chemicals or other “natural” deodorants which irritate your skin with unessential “essential” oils, Thai promises all the deodorants to be:


  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate Free
  • Perfectly Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben and Propyl Free
  • Chemical and Oil Free
  • Unscented and Non-Staining
  • Safe for All Genders and Ages
  • Safe for All Body Regions


    Why It Works

    Potassium alum salt minerals present in the spray remain on the surface of your skin to naturally present the growth of odor-causing bacteria.


    Note: Since we are truly 100% natural, Thai is not an antiperspirant.

  • Directions

    For 24-hour protection, simply pump 4-6 sprays onto target skin region.
    Note: If sprayer becomes clogged, place nozzle under hot, running water.
    Important: For best results, use after showering!

    Free Of

    Animal testing and aerosol.

    Ingredients: Mineral salt (potassium alum), purified water.